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10 Ideas For The (Aspiring) Lifestyle Lolita

Hello there! 

I have an odd relationship with the concept of "lifestyle lolitas". One hand, it's always been a dream of mine - to be able to wear the fashion I love every day and have little reminders of my love for it scattered throughout my daily life. It's such a fantastical and romantic idea to have that kind of a dedicated and picturesque life. On the other hand... I just don't find it practical. For many of us, we work jobs where we can't wear lolita fashion every day, due to uniforms or dress codes. For some of us, even if we could, the physical labor of wearing this fashion and trying not to knock things over with your petticoat, or wear it all day without overheating, or spilling something on it, is too much to bare daily. 

So, I've created this list, inspired by things that I do (or want to do) when I can't wear lolita fashion in that moment but still want to feel the magic of it throughout my life. I hope you enjoy these ideas!

  • Follow social media influencers who inspire you
This one is sort of a given, but I really stand by the fact that curating your online spaces can totally change your relationship with social media and can even have some really positive factors on your mental health! Take some time to go through your following list on Twitter or Instagram, or consider learning out some old Facebook friends. By only following creators who invoke positive emotions in you/inspire you in some way, you may find that your overall happiness level increases - even if only a little! 
  • Curate an online space for yourself
Now, I know this is a bit biased coming from me, but I really do think that the lolita fashion community can never have too many bloggers, YouTubers, or content creators! Even if you make videos of your meets just to keep to yourself, or create a blog and never tell anybody about it, you may end up discovering a new passion or space where you can be creative/truly yourself! 
  • Read a book
I've always loved the idea of being some lifestyle lolita who goes to a beautiful cafe every Sunday and reads a book. Maybe for you it's Kamikaze Girls, or Pride and Prejudice, or maybe it's something that isn't even really EGL adjacent - that's great too! If you do, however, feel like indulging in some EGL Required Reading, HerLumpiness has a series on her blog going over some suggestions! 
  • Read blogs
Now, speaking of blogs... So much of my formative years with lolita fashion involved reading a lot of online content from bloggers! A few great examples are Parfait Doll, The Princess Portal, FYeahLolita, and HerLumpiness! Some of these blogs (such as ParfaitDoll) are no longer active, but the great news is that you can still find this older content with the Wayback Machine! 
You don't have to restrict yourself just to older blogs, though! In fact, there is a wonderful blogging circle I participate in called Bibliotheca. There are a ton of j-fashion bloggers in this circle who create incredible content and post regularly! I highly recommend visiting some of these bloggers and showing them your support. 
  • Browse old Gothic and Lolita Bibles
Oh, the GLB! How I miss it! I love the Gothic and Lolita Bible for so many reasons. I love the makeup tutorials, the old ads, the street snaps... I especially love the look into EGL history it can provide so many of us with! Often times, when I hit a creative roadblock and don't know how to coordinate a piece of my own, I find myself looking back on old GLBs to find the inspiration I so desperately need! 
  • Watch old documentaries (EGL and Historical)
As somebody who can say with a relative amount of confidence that I've seen almost every popular lolita fashion documentary, I can't recommend these enough! Even though a lot of these videos are a bit dated now (I use that term loosely), sometimes I need a dash of nostalgia! Sugar Coated is a great documentary that I find myself watching over and over again, even though I've seen it so many times before. 
You can also watch historical documentaries as a pastime as well! Delve into the periods of history that have influenced lolita fashion so greatly, and you'll have some cool new facts for your next tea party meet. 
  • Do some flat lays of coordinates 
Because we might not always want to wear lolita fashion, even if it is a lifestyle for you! I also think that flatly are a nice way for people to fill out their instagram feed when they don't know what else to post! Flatlays allow you to experiment with new coordinates without the same level of physical effort and time that actually wearing that coordinate calls for. It's a great way to be a bit experimental and come up with new ways to wear things you already have! 
  • Perfect a makeup look for each substyle
Now of course, makeup is completely optional with lolita fashion, but I still think this is such a fun way to pass time while being creative! If you want, you can even create YouTube playlists for each sub style and add any makeup tutorials you like into their appropriate category! It's so interesting to see how someone's choice in fake eyelashes or color of blush can completely change how they match their coordinate. 
  • Get an EGL penpal
This is my ultimate lifestyle fantasy! I love the idea of setting aside some time on a quiet evening to write to a dear friend who lives somewhere far off. You can include cutesy stickers or use fancy stationery to match your own aesthetic. There is also just something so satisfying about looking at a letter that you've written, packing it in it's little envelope, and throwing it into your mailbox for it's upcoming travel journey! 
  • Play some lolita fashion inspired games
There's so many to pick from, even if the theme isn't entirely about lolita fashion! I know a lot of people discovered this style through Style Savvy, but any games with well-equipped character customization or outfit options can do! Even reflecting on your favorite motifs (cutesy art styles, historical inspiration, horror themed dresses) can help you find a game that you'll enjoy! 

That's all that I have for you today. I hope that even if you don't consider yourself a lifestyle (or even if you never want to be!) you still found some inspiration from this post to help make your day even just a little bit brighter! 

Until next time,