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MeLikesTea Rose Petticoat Review


Hi friends! I hope you are all doing well and enjoying this beautiful fall weather. 

I've got a post that I've really been looking forward to writing coming out today, and that is this MeLikesTea Review/Unboxing! I unfortunately misplaced my Aurora & Ariel petticoat recently, and after tearing up the whole house looking for it, I determined that was just a sign that I was due for a new petticoat. I've had my eyes on MeLikesTea's selection for a while now, and while this is not my first order with them, this is my first petticoat from them. (In the past I've gotten a few hair accessories and sets of bloomers from them which were amazing!)

MeLikesTea offers both Ready-To-Ship and Made-To-Order options for their petticoats, but I am inpatient at best so going for the quickest option was a no-brainer for me. They had a really great variety of petticoats, in terms of shape, style, material, and color. Now, MeLikesTea has a great guide on their website (linked here!) that goes over your options and the benefits of each, but based off of my friends' experiences and my own with other petticoats, I already knew exactly what I wanted. 

That was... their 45cm Rose Petticoat, made with Voile, in a white and yellow color way! 

(Pictured above is the 43cm Rose Petticoat in Plain White, the closest stock photo I can find currently.)

I opted for this style for a few reasons. The Rose Petticoat has always seemed like a nice balance between the classy a-line and poof monster. I wear mostly cupcake-shaped dresses, but I also like being able to move about somewhat freely without worrying about knocking things over, which is why I didn't opt for the mega-popular Hybrid Poof Monster. I chose voile as opposed to organza for a few reasons. I have sensitive skin and hate the sensation of organza, and I also like that the voile material is less prone to deflating over time. 

My ordering process through MeLikesTea was easy and uneventful, two things I really like to hear about buying things online. Now, I ordered this petticoat on September 28th, received my shipping notice on September 30th, and had it in-hand by October 4th. Shipping was through FedEx and my order did require a direct signature for delivery, which I did appreciate for the sake of my package's safe arrival. 

While I really wanted to photograph the actual moments when I opened this package, I ended up opening this at like 11PM at night when I couldn't wait any longer, so my apologies for the lack of unboxing photos! A few notes about the general experience, though... 

MeLikesTea has the most adorable packaging - so much so I ended up holding onto it to photograph the next morning, as shown above! When I pulled my petticoat out of the box, I was greeted with it being neatly stored in a plastic bag, protected from the elements, with some information and... a bag of tea! I appreciate this sweet little touch, especially since I love tea and knew I'd be able to put that freebie to good use. 

The information provided with my order was primarily just general care instructions on how to take care of my new investment. After I read through all of that, it was onto the exciting part - the petticoat itself! 

On first impressions, it was clear to see how this petticoat lived up to the hype! It was poofy indeed, providing a perfect cupcake shape. The material was soft on my skin, and even in the little time I wore it I could tell that the waistband was incredibly comfortable compared to my old Aurora & Ariel Petticoat. 

Now, as far as sizing goes: I ordered the 90-100cm option for this petticoat and found it to be true to size, if not even more generous than anticipated! This was a huge relief for me, primarily because it means I can actually eat at meets without feeling my petticoat dig into my waist. For those who have never experienced such a sensation before, I envy you.

Waistband excitement aside, I'm sure you're curious to see how this petticoat looks worn! I am attaching a few coordinate photos from over the weekend where I wore this MeLikesTea petticoat. Please note, for this coordinate I chose to wear this closer to my hips rather than my natural waist, to provide a longer silhouette. 

Even when wearing this petticoat lower on my hips to give the impression of more of an a-line silhouette, I think the level of poof is clear! This petticoat fills my dress out perfectly, and I loved the versatility of it for various coordinates that I could plan around it. 

All in all, I am so pleased with my purchase and cannot sing MeLikesTea's praises enough for the quality and construction of their pieces! If you're ever in the market for a new petticoat, I'd highly recommend giving them a try. 

Until next time!