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Bibliotheca October 2022

Theme: Magic 

I wanted to take a really light-hearted approach to this month's theme as I ease back into blogging, so the first thing that came to my mind was... magical girls! This iconic theme in media is one that I hold near and dear to my heart. While I'm sure I wouldn't have to explain much in terms of the inspiration some lolita fashion pieces tend to take from magical girl themes (or vice versa), I wanted to make this tongue-in-cheek piece about my life, if I were to be a magical girl, featuring all of my extravagant outfits and trusty sidekick. 

Starting out with the obvious, any good magical girl needs a few outfits. Now, most magical girl anime take place in high school, so the obvious choice would be a school uniform, but seeing as I'm 22 and work a full-time job, I guess my equivalent would be some office wear! Here's my take on this:

Skirt + Blouse: Atelier Boz, Heels + Tights: Offbrand, Accessories: BTSSB/AATP

I went for a very classic/almost normie-leaning coordinate for this. I love the T-Strap heels with the pointed toes for a more mature look, but wanted to incorporate a lot of brand items as a little reminder that even though I work an office job, I carry my passion with me everywhere! 

Next up, of course, is my post-transformation outfit. Now, I'd like to think if I were a magical girl I'd work in a team with other magical girls, so what sets me apart from the rest? For this, I reflected back on my video game experience and determined that I guess I'd be sort of like a mage, with more magical prowess and maybe a bit more clumsiness to go along with it. Here's what I came up with for my magical girl mage outfit! 

JSK + Scepter: BTSSB, Jewelry: TinyPasserine, Shoes + Hat: Taobao, Tights: Offbrand

The reds aren't a perfect match, with bothers me to no end, but I wanted the theme of the bows from my OP to be incorporated throughout the outfit, from the heels to the hat and even the jewelry! Red is my favorite color in the whole world, and it's one that I feel like I look the best in, so it was a logical choice for me to make my magical girl outfit in this color. The whole look just feels so regal and romantic! 

Before I go any further, it would be wrong if I didn't at least take a moment to discuss my trusty animal sidekick. Madoka Magica had Kyuubey (though trusty is not the word I'd use for him in hindsight), Sailor Moon had Luna, and Card Captor Sakura had her little friend too! Now, I had to go with the obvious choice for this one, which would be none other than Usakumya herself! I imagine her as a bit of a unique character, having a hidden dark side (but not that dark!) underneath her cute exterior. She'd be an absolute terror in battle. 

I also intentionally picked the New York exclusive rucksack for this, as that is a holy grail item for me!! 

Every magical girl needs a good opponent, the big bad if you will. I'd like to think of my opponent as somebody who is the antithesis to myself, so I reflected on the EGL pieces you'd probably never see me wear and built off of that. Before I go any further: it's not that I hate Moitie! In fact, I love Moitie pieces but simply don't see myself ever owning one, no matter how badly I want to. Most pieces don't fit me, and I don't love the color blue on myself. I'd like my fictional opponent to be one of those villains who you love to hate, but end up sort of rooting for as they start to question their own motives. 

Blouse: Kaneko, Everything else: Moi Meme Moitie

So for the styling here I wanted to go with the iconic Moitie blue shade to contrast the red from my own color scheme. I love the idea of a parasol being used as a magical item (to float or attack with) as well! I desperately want a pair of shoes similar to the ones in this coordinate, maybe that'll be my next purchase! 

Lastly, every magical girl series needs a good soundtrack to go along with it. I've included some of my favorite tracks (many of which are loosely related to lolita fashion), as listed below, to be part of my fictitious series. 

  • Opening Theme: Gardenia - Malice Mizer
  • Transformation Theme: Battle Hymn of the Soul - Persona 4 Arena Ultimax OST 
  • Enemy's Theme: Celmisia - Kanon Wakeshima
  • Final Battle Theme: Equilibrium - FFXIV 
  • Ending Theme: Skip Turn Step - Kanon Wakeshima
That's all that I have for this post! I'd love to hear everyone else's take on this concept, so tell me about your ideal magical girl life! 

Until next time,