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Summer International Lolita Day 2022

Hi all! I just wanted to make a quick post going over the meet my comm recently had for Summer ILD 2022. For those who may be uninitiated, International Lolita Day happens twice a year - once during the summer and once during the winter - to celebrate Lolita Fashion and those who wear and love it! 

The great thing about ILD happening twice a year is that you always have the opportunity to wear one summer coordinate and one winter coordinate. Seeing as this summer in Michigan has been pretty warm, though, it made sense for us to opt for an indoor meet. So, with that in mind, our meet was planned for a local mall. This mall also had a Round 1 arcade with plenty of fun claw machines, video games, and even purikura booths! 

For this meet, I wanted to wear my Tea Time at Grandma's JSK by Lady Sloth out. I opted for this piece as it is by far one of my most comfortable Lolita Fashion garments and I figured it would pair perfectly with this pink Taobao blouse. I've worn this JSK in the past with a more classic/traditional lean, so this time I opted for a hime inspired look, complete with a crown! 

My comm and I all seemed to really enjoy utilizing these purikura booths! We took our time taking turns to get all of the outfit photos, glamour shots, and group photos that our hearts desired! I got to take some super cute photos with my Usakumya rucksack alongside some of my community as well! 

(faces blurred for the privacy of my other comm members!)

After our purikura and arcade fun was all done, our group split up to take on the mall. While some headed out to the food court, others indulged in some retail therapy to celebrate the day! I, on the other hand, had to depart early which was such a bummer! 

It was such a delight getting to catch up with so many familiar members of my community, and it was great to meet some new friends as well! I can't wait until next ILD! 

Until Next Time,