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Notion for Lolita Fashion

 Hi everyone! Today I have a post that I hope some of you might find helpful; a guide on using Notion to organize your lolita fashion collection. 

Notion is a popular application (for both phones and web use) that provides someone with a personalized space to use for whatever they wish; it is popularly used for studying and organization. Here's a few great Youtube videos

So, how can we use it for lolita fashion, one might ask? Simple! It can be a dedicated space for organizing your collection, cataloguing a wishlist, and more. While I'm still a beginning user of Notion, I think it has enough functionality to be of use to our community. So, without any more waiting, let's take a look at my own notion page

This is my homepage; very basic but it gets the job done. My notion is broken up into three pieces in the EGL section; my wardrobe, my wishlist, and my coordinates page. Let's look at my wardrobe, the first page! 

This is what you see when you click on the wardrobe link. This page has a bunch of mini-pages included in it, each of them containing information about one wardrobe piece. By clicking on one of them, you are brought to this fun display ahead: 

So as you can tell I've added in some information; when you make your own notion page you can add more things like the Tags and Specifications, this is just what I have for now. I have a header image and I've uploaded an image from lolibrary for reference below. I have tags for JSK vs OP, Brand selection, and Altered vs Unaltered. I also can specify in this section which size or colorway I have. I can add as many of these mini-pages as I want as my wardrobe grows as a space to reference information about these pieces. 

Let's move on! Back to the homepage, let's select my wishlist. 

My wishlist functions the exact same way; Mini-page, tags, and photos! 

Here I've referenced my preferred colorways, if I would need alterations on each wishlist item, and the lolibrary link. This wishlist page is a handy space to reference for both yourself and others. You can create a link to your own wishlist and send it to your friends to know which dresses to keep an eye out for you! You could even add links that point to search pages for these pieces. Think, lolibrary's search page for this dress or mercari japan's! 

Finally, let's move on to the coordinates section of my notion page. 

So using this feature, you can add an image (as seen above), comment on it using the comments feature, and even add a link for reference! In my example here I've added a photo of my coordinate, used the comments to specify where all of the pieces are from, and then added the link to my associated Instagram post featuring this coordinate. This can be a fun spot to track some of your coordinates. You can even use the comments to brainstorm ways you can improve this coordinate!

Lastly, I'd like to invite you all to duplicate my notion pages to use as a base for your own! In this link to my notion page, select "Duplicate" in the top right corner to save this to your own account. I'd love to see what you all do with this idea! 

That's all I have for my entry-level Notion for lolitas class. I hope this information was useful for you! Let me know in the comments - do you plan to use Notion? What ideas do you have for your own page?