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BB&B Deco Review

Hey friends! I apologize for my lack of usual content on Instagram recently; I did, unfortunately, catch COVID and while I'm recovering smoothly I haven't wanted to get any germs on my dresses so I haven't dressed up as much as I would like recently! Regardless, I hope you're all having a great second day of the new year. 

Back in December I placed an order with BB and B Deco for their Ready to Ship Sale and decided I'd post a review for y'all! This is my second purchase from BB & B and I'm happy to report that it surely will not be my last. Let's go into the review!

I placed this order through BB&B's website on December 1st after receiving an email from them (highly recommend joining their mailing list by the way) informing me that they would be temporarily adding a Ready To Ship Category to their website. After a little bit of browsing, I fell in love with their Crowned Unicorn set. It reminds me a lot of a unicorn plush my boyfriend got me when we met in person for the first time so I just had to have it! 

For this order I purchased the long unicorn cupcake necklace and the matching dangly earrings. My order shipped out from BB&B in California on the 6th of December and arrived at my home here in Michigan on December 11th. Not bad at all! As soon as I saw the mail arrive I booked it out to my mailbox and gleefully brought my package in. 

One thing I adore about BB&B is not only their products themselves, but the packaging. It really feels like opening each order from them is an experience which I cannot get enough of. The outside of my package was adorned with a sweet holiday stamp, and even the neat arrangement of the tissue paper inside my box seemed like an ode to the attention to detail BB&B is so well known for. Beneath the pink tissue paper was the gorgeous box I know so well! 

Nestled inside of the box were my two jewelry pieces, encased in these protective pouches (along with some care instructions).

And, like a kawaii matryoshka doll, inside those pouches were my jewelry pieces! 

They were even cuter in person than I was anticipating. While I will always urge people to be extremely careful with their jewelry from BB&B seeing as they are little pieces of art and should be treated as such, I will note these feel sturdy in the hand - significant but not too heavy. The tiny crystals adorning my little unicorn cupcakes immediately caught my eye! 

I also loved that the necklace was attached to the deco piece by the ear as an 'earring' - this is one of those details I would have never thought of had I designed this, but it's so clever! I have a somewhat particular eye for detail as many lolitas do and I physically could not find anything wrong with these pieces! 

Another detail I love - the metal base of the necklace actually has this adorable scalloped edge and is emblazoned with BB and B's branding! 

I am super relieved to report that these earrings are comfortable to wear; I have sensitive ears and heavy earrings are like a waking nightmare for me. These on the other hand are the perfect weight and the metal did not cause any skin irritation (praise be!). 

All in all, I am absolutely thrilled to own another piece by BB&B. They blow me away every time I see one of their pieces with their craftsmanship and this time was no different. Thanks for reading!

Until next time,