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A Closer Look: Miss Danger's Royal Heart JSK

Hey all! I have a super simple post this week, just of a few photos of one of my latest lolita fashion arrivals - Miss Danger's beautiful Royal Heart JSK in Red. I'll give a few of my thoughts on this JSK as well, but as I'm sure you will be able to tell by the photos, I'm absolutely in love with it! 

Here's the full view; I do have this piece pinned back on my mannequin as I (who selected a Size 9 for this JSK) am significantly larger than my mannequin. Please disregard that! The bodice is this beautiful velveteen material while the skirt is made of Russian Orthodox Brocade. The outer layer is this incredibly soft tulle or organza like material. It is absolutely breathtaking! 

Starting with the bodice, we'll take a look at this stunning embroidery - the main reason I bought this jumperskirt, to be quite honest. The golden embroidery thread looks super luminous on the red fabric background. While I'm usually not a fan of big names printed on clothing, the Miss Danger branding feels well suited to the dress as a whole and doesn't detract from my enjoyment. 

One unexpected yet beautiful detail on this JSK that I never noticed before I received it are these crystal details attached onto the brocade. It's a detail that seems so small on a screen but when you get to actually see it in person, it adds so much elegance and character to the piece! 

And here is the bottom of this dress with the overskirt layer shown. I'm not sure if the photo portrays it as well as I'd like, but the material of this is so so soft - not the scratchy tulle feeling I was worried about. It's very clear that everything used to construct this piece was incredibly high quality. The floaty feeling of this fabric makes this piece feel almost angelic in a sense. Very royal indeed! 


Here's one last photo. The velveteen bow you can see between the bodice and skirt portions of this JSK is so darling. 

I hope you all enjoyed these few detail shots! I'm in love with this piece and the work done on it by the team at Miss Danger and highly recommend visiting their shop if you haven't already. 

Until next time!