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1 OP, 3 Looks

Hi all! I recently acquired a JSK from bodyline, one of my first monochromatic solid color pieces, and I couldn't help but think about how versatile this piece could be! Around the same time, I stumbled upon this wonderful blogger and was immediately inspired by her "1 Dress, 3 Looks" series and decided to try it out myself! 

Let's get into it!

Look One: Chocolate! 

I would definitely say that this look is the closest to what I had in mind when I originally purchased this piece; the slightly warm tone of this dress in my mind is a perfect match for a fun chocolatey theme! It reminds me of making hot chocolate and having cookies on a cold winter day. 

I paired this OP with some ivory cable-knit tights from Target and some Bodyline flats for comfort, and to make this coordinate a warmer option for winter months (although I'd suggest a jacket to go with, in that case). I also wanted to pair it with the iconic Swimmer Biscuit bag and a similar looking beret from taobao to tie the biscuit theme together. I thought that these wristcuffs from Angelic Pretty were a perfect match, along with the matching earrings and necklace from AP as well!

My only big concern with this set is that I worry the browns would all look mismatched in person. Moving on...

Look 2: Pink and Classic!

This next set I went with is a more classic look with the slightest hime lean thanks to the shoes and pearls.

I took advantage of the fact that this dress is photographed slightly pinkish through bodyline's site and paired this OP with the cutest pink heels. Very rococo! I thought the lace tights were a perfect match with such a dainty feeling. The bag, from Cambridge Satchel Company, seems to be a perfect color to compliment the main piece. The bolero by Innocent World helps keep the refined theme going, along with matching the color of the shoes to balance the look out a bit. The headpiece is another Innocent World piece which I imagine would go with the tights perfectly.  Lastly, the pearls seemed to be the easiest choice with this coordinate as I didn't want this to feel too over-the-top. 

I imagined this as a great set for transitional weather like in Springtime. The bolero could help keep warm while not being too bulky. This next coordinate I imagined for summer: 

Look 3: Cottagecore Vibes!

For this last set I really wanted to go off of the cute cottagecore aesthetics I saw all of this past summer. For this look I'd remove the optional front corseting from the OP. I'd also tuck the ribbon neck accent into the OP so it wouldn't be visible to keep things simple. 

I thought this cute lace apron conveys my idea so well, I really wanted this to feel like a dainty romantic summer outfit. I paired it with this lace headdress which sort of reminds me of a bandana but elevated. Keeping with the lace theme I've selected some short(-ish) lace socks with a cute frilly detail on top, and some Ivory heels with more lace accents. See a trend here? Haha. To keep with the cottagecore feeling I selected this adorable wicker basket purse as the handbag, and I found this cute cameo necklace off of Etsy (made by BotanicalBirdJewelry).  

I hope this post enlightened y'all a little bit in terms of my process when creating coordinates, and maybe it even inspired you to try some new things with a dress of your own! 

Until next time!